Michigan to get $75 million more to fight blight

Olympic paid more than $112 million in civil and criminal penalties and was forced to invest in new inspection and damage prevention methods. Families of King and Tsiorvas settled for $75 million..

Michigan Getting $188 Million More In Federal Funds To Help Fight Blight. April 20, 2016 at 10:47 am. (WWJ/AP) – The federal government is expected to send about $188 million more to Michigan.

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 · NCAA reaches concussion settlement for $70 million in testing. fees up to $15 million and out-of-pocket expenses up to $750,000 out of the $75 million pot.. hiring at Michigan.

 · Beyond the Blight: Detroit Ponders a Future for Its Abandoned Blocks.. The Obama Administration announced Sep. 27 that it was allocating $100 million toward blight eradication and other redevelopment projects, part of a $300 million package of new and repurposed funds intended to help the bankrupt Motor City.. the group has boarded up 75.

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How to fight blight: Expert says planning a building's whole. – Last year, Congress approved spending $2 billion to fund blight elimination programs nationwide. The U.S. Department of Treasury today says Michigan is eligible for more than $300 million from the hardest hit fund. Nearly $75 million is available immediately. U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint, has been among those fighting for the blight money.

 · Michigan Sets New Bar in National Fight Against Lead-Poisoned Drinking Water. senior director of NRDC’s Health and Food program and a coauthor of a 2016 NRDC report that found that more.

Last year, the Obama administration and Michigan Governor. now for another $50 million. And – and I think if the federal government continues to see the progress we’re making, they will be.

The MSHDA already received $100 million in an previous grant from the Hardest Hit Fund, but now the state will get even more to . . . The fight against residential blight isn’t over in Michigan.