RealtyTrac: May foreclosures inch up 2%

 · Nevada had the second-highest foreclosure rate in the country in October, with 1 in every 352 housing units saddled with foreclosure-related filings, according to a report published today by RealtyTrac. That’s up 41 percent from September, when Nevada ranked fifth-worst in the country with 1 in 496 homes in foreclosure.

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Four Effective Keys to Contacting Preforeclosures.. According to the leading online marketplace for foreclosures, RealtyTrac, foreclosure listings grew to a peak of 2.14 million units in 2009.. In addition to pursuing foreclosures, you could also establish some ads that would bring the foreclosures to you. There may be a higher cost, but.

[VIDEO] Freddie Mac CEO: Job is public service, pay cap is symbolic Where are they today and do they still own shares in Fannie and Freddie?. As we’ve pointed out before, Congress a few years back capped gse ceo pay at $600,000 per year. Anyone taking the CEO jobs at Fannie and Freddie isn’t doing it for the money. They’re likely doing it for the challenge, the fun (yes fun), and a sense of public service.

 · At least they can take their time packing up all of their belongings. On average, it takes about 348 days for a foreclosure to be completed, Blomquist said. "They may.

Saccacio, chief executive officer of RealtyTrac. “That had the net effect of lowering foreclosure sales as a percentage of total sales during the quarter, but that may be a temporary. the previous.

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In its monthly foreclosure market report, RealtyTrac stated that foreclosure activity in April. Default notices decreased 7% from March 2012 and 2% from April 2011. Further, bank repossessions.

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Foreclosure filings were reported on 214,927 properties – roughly one in every 605 housing units – in May, representing a 2% decrease from April and a 33% decrease from May 2010, according to new data from RealtyTrac.. Nearly two-thirds of all foreclosure filings – 141,348 properties – took place in states where lenders primarily use the nonjudicial foreclosure process.

RISMEDIA, November 12, 2009-RealtyTrac. scheduled foreclosure auctions were down 6% from October 2008, while bank repossessions were up 8% from October 2008. A new foreclosure mediation program.