Sen. Warren is right: Blacks and Hispanics were targeted by subprime policy

Specifically targeted for subprime loans among the minority demographic were black women. Women of color are the most likely to receive subprime loans while white men are the least likely; the disparity grows with income levels. Compared to white men earning the same level of income, black women earning less than the area median income are two.

In a recent call with Black press reporters, White House economic advisor Cecilia Rouse said Blacks and Hispanics were targeted by financial institutions to receive subprime and other predatory mortgage loans, which precipitated the ongoing economic crisis.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Mitch McConnell For Declaring Mueller Report Closed | NBC News  · Black America doesn’t need a housing policy from Warren they need a racial transformation.. You’d obviously benefit more ppl than just DOS, but it seems that that would be ok so long as DOS were the main targets. Thoughts? 2. But it sounds eerily familiar to the Community Reinvestment Act which played a major role in the subprime.

 · A plan from New york city mayor bill de Blasio to integrate the city’s specialized public high schools has spiraled into a heated debate about race and meritocracy. As is the case throughout.

 · WASHINGTON – Democrats reportedly are working on a revised resolution condemning anti-Semitism after members of the party’s black and progressive House caucuses complained that.

Housing permits, starts both fall in January We see new housing data ahead of the bell this morning, with the February read on Housing Starts and Building Permits. Both sides of domestic housing. and the downwardly revised 1.27 million in.

 · We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. . . .

Most of these are counties across the Mississippi Delta region with Native American reservations and poor Hispanic American communities. 3: Factor by which black and Hispanic borrowers are more likely to receive subprime loans than white borrowers, even when ac counting for credit score.

Ellie Mae earnings once again beat expectations We’re not going to beat around the bush — we absolutely love Ellie Mae (NYSE:ELLI). We’re hardly alone though. big lenders like Wells Fargo (which then bundle them and sell them again to Freddie.

To underscore the point, the letter cites data that show 43.7 percent of Latino borrowers and 52.6 percent of Black borrowers in repayment were in. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sherrod Brown.

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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – African-Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately represented in the subprime home refinance market. And the racial disparity between whites and minorities actually.