FTC orders Wealth Educators to halt mortgage relief services

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supposedly offering mortgage relief services to Spanish-speakers – and helped get a consumer declaration. The FTC obtained a court order to halt the business and freeze the assets. A report from Arkansas Legal Aid led to a series of FTC undercover investigations and 11

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FTC Temporarily Halts Deceptive Practices Of Mortgage Relief Operation. Wealth Educators allegedly charged consumers an up-front fee ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, promising the money would be fully refunded if the company didn’t provide the promised relief.

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The Federal Trade Commission ordered Wealth Educators and its president to stop offering mortgage relief services since it was accused of failing to provide the help they promised homeowners.

FTC Halts Mortgage relief operation targeting Consumers In Foreclosure. Today, the Federal Trade Commission put an end to an operation that took advantage of homeowners’ vulnerabilities. The FTC announced today that a court had granted the agency’s request to halt the operation of HOPE Services – also doing business as HAMP Services – alleging.

Fortunately, the FTC stepped in, filing its complaint in April, which this month resulted in an $885,677 judgment against Los Angeles-based Wealth Educators and its owner, Veronica Sesma. They are also banned from selling debt relief services going forward.

The defendants also used websites allegedly set up by Veronica Sesma, the owner and president of Wealth Educators, to advertise the supposed mortgage relief services. Before providing any services, however, Wealth Educators charged consumers an up-front fee ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, promising the money would be fully refunded if the company didn’t provide the relief it promised.

A federal court in Central California has ruled two orange county businessmen duped mortgage relief clients out of more than $18 million. Jeremy Foti and Charles Marshall, acting through.

This Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR), the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rulemaking, addresses the practices of entities (other than mortgage servicers) who offer assistance to consumers in dealing with owners or servicers of their loans to modify them or avoid foreclosure.