Judge refuses injunction request in eminent domain case

Judge grants temporary injunction to stop some Keystone XL condemnation cases. The pipeline company filed about 90 eminent domain cases in seven Nebraska counties on Jan. 20 seeking to get the.

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York County District Judge Mary Gilbride ordered a temporary injunction. eminent domain cases until lawsuits filed by pipeline opponents are decided by the Nebraska Supreme Court, a process that.

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West Virginia Eminent Domain laws.. in a case hereafter commenced; and no order shall be made or any injunction awarded by any court or judge to stay it in so doing, unless it be manifest that the applicant is insolvent or that it or its officers, agents or servants, are transcending their.

eminent domain because of alleged constitutional deficiencies in the con-demnation statute. The Court affirmed the district court’s denial of the request, observing that the claim of irreparable injury appeared "fanciful"’ 7 and noting that objections to the validity of the condemna-

Finally, Conley contends that the trial judge repeatedly postponed the trial date, despite the fact that the case was the oldest case on the judge’s docket and that Alabama law requires eminent domain cases to be expedited in advance of other civil actions, and that, at the time the removal petition was filed, no specific trial date had been set.

Sign the petition: No eminent domain for private gain. We’ll celebrate yesterday’s court victory with landowners, while they breathe a sigh of relief as the stresses of upcoming court dates and visits from county land appraisers have been halted, for now. Read the court’s ruling below: Temporary Injunction Halts Eminent Domain

In a ruling filed in Johnson County District Court Tuesday, Judge Christopher. with experience in eminent domain cases, said last month after reviewing Weinman’s case that any ruling against a.

U.S. District Court Judge Elizabeth Dillon was asked in a brief filed Wednesday to deny Mountain Valley’s request for a preliminary injunction, which the company says it needs to evict two.

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Sec. 21.002. TRANSFER OF CASES. If an eminent domain case is pending in a county court at law and the court determines that the case involves an issue of title or any other matter that cannot be fully adjudicated in that court, the judge shall transfer the case to a district court. Acts 1983, 68th Leg., p. 3498, ch. 576, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1984.