Seattle cuts ties with Wells Fargo over controversial oil pipeline, etc.

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. business with a bank involved with the controversial dakota access oil pipeline project in North Dakota. This week, Seattle became the first major U.S. city to sever financial ties with Wells.

Like many of their own customers, Wells Fargo’s. a lender to the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline, set to ship north dakota oil reserves to Illinois refineries, has come under.

US - Dakota pipeline set to go ahead after Army approval March 21: Trout will make $36MM in 2019 and 2020 before earning .45mm annually over the remainder of the contract, Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times reports (via Twitter). March 20: The Angels have.

A number of banks funding the controversial $3.7bn Dakota Access. Earlier this year Seattle City Council cut its ties with Wells Fargo over its loan to the pipeline. Ms Compere believes the “whole.

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Bill Urges HVCC Moratorium A Boulder lawyer and an anti-fracking activist told people gathered Thursday evening in Windsor that they should learn more about the oil and gas industry, organize and not rule out asking the town to.

The investors say that, while they understand that the banks providing the project finance have contractual obligations to the pipeline, “the extreme controversy. over their role. Seattle City.

It’s like that curse: "May you live in interesting times." I’ve been reading the paper this morning on the porch, which, at this rate, will soon be seized, along with the rest of the house, by.

this isn’t as easy as one would think & it’s not over.’ Arnold told a radio host on KIRO in Seattle this month that the footage seemed ‘funny’ when a few NBC production staffers passed it around.

Davis took the first step Tuesday night toward divesting from Wells Fargo Bank, after the davis city council voted unanimously to seek out a new banking service in light of the bank’s ties to the.

Work has restarted on the controversial Dakota Access crude oil pipeline in North. On Tuesday the city councils of Seattle and the much smaller Davis, California voted to cut their ties to Wells.